Visit Our Construction Site To See Our Work Quality

We never stop undertaking projects, and there are always ongoing projects at any one time. If time permits, we will arrange for you to visit a project in progress so that you can personally inspect our work quality.

Seeing is believing. We would like to invite you to inspect the quality of our project together, and explain to you how we work professionally and pay attention to quality. Of course, you can ask questions anytime. The most important thing is to let you see the level of professionalism in the project.
Accurate Quotation

Detailed, Transparent Quotation, Every Cent Clearly Explained, You Know Where Your Money Goes

Some quotations just give you a lump sum figure, without any clear details, lending a lot of leeway to hanky-panky. Honest and sincere, we give you a professional and accurate quotation by listing each item in detail, ensuring clarity at a glance.

We offer highly transparent quotations, fair prices and genuine materials, without any grey areas and hidden charges. We will explain every cent clearly, and you will know that the money is spent wisely. We will follow the quotation with full integrity.
We will follow everything in the quotation strictly unless the owner wishes to change something in the middle of the renovation work.
Usage Instructions

There Are Wisdom & Secrets Behind Good Designs

In our professional undertaking, there are no redundant designs or boring ideas. Just like any high-tech product, all designs come with a purpose and meaning, so you would need a space design guide.

Upon project completion, our staff will explain the design secrets to you, such as the correct use of cabinets, what items should be placed in the highest position, how to light up the interior etc., and how the overall design can bring more convenience to your life.

Just like the manual, our staff will explain to you how to use the new space, and how to maintain the kitchen cabinets, lightings etc., to ensure that you fully understand your own private living space.

There Are Wisdom & Secrets Behind Good Designs

Usage Instructions

Our Staff Will Explain To You
How To Use The Space

Our Staff Will Explain To You
How To Use The Space

We loathe to ruin our reputation with high-end quotations but low-end building materials! We use building materials equivalent to what has been stated in the quotation. All building materials and parts are placed on the construction site, and you can come and visit anytime.

In terms of building material procurement, we give priority to building materials with a good brand reputation, including those certified by SIRIM Malaysia. Most importantly, we spend all your money on building materials with value for money.

Stable Quality

Strategies Set To Ensure Projects
Are More Affordable & More Superior
Work Quality

Strategies Set To Ensure Projects Are More Affordable & More Superior Work Quality

The quality and cost of a project depend on the quality of the building materials. We source building materials from regular suppliers, which gives us two major benefits:

1. We enjoy good rapport with our suppliers. Regular suppliers tend to give us stable costs and top priority;

2. Procuring from regular suppliers ensures a relatively more stable quality of building materials, making the quality of buildings and furniture more stable.

Professional Contractors

Professionalism & Exquisite
Workmanship Assured

Professionalism & Exquisite Workmanship Assured

Housing design and renovation works require contractors. We maintain a stable cooperative relationship with contractors whom we have stringently screened, and who have expertise and rich experience in water and electricity, cement, carpentry and ironworks.

Case Management

Let You Witness The Completion
Of Your New Home

Let You Witness The Completion Of Your New Home

In terms of project management, we have set up a professional SOP (standard operating procedure) with a set of standards and timetables on work quality, work progress etc. to ensure that all projects are carried out as expected and completed on time.

The project team will report the work progress to you, complete with photos and write-up, on a weekly basis throughout the construction period, so that you can witness the progressive development of your new home every week.